Cemstone Dayton Plant

With the growth in the northern suburbs, Cemstone decided it needed to put a permanent concrete batch plant in the area. The site at Dayton has quick access to I94. The plant building is 55' tall precast wall panels sitting on a 12' high concrete stem wall. The stem wall was cast using a layer of rigid insulation to increase its thermal properties and then a surface form liner was used for visual aesthetics. The roof is bar joist with standing seam metal decking.

In addition to designing the plant Wenzel Engineering also designed many other items on the site. The hopper system is a concrete structure that supports the aggregate bins. When the plant needs more aggregate the bins open onto a conveyor that run to the plant.

A recycling pit was also designed for the site. The recycling pit is a weir system that separates the aggregate out of unused concrete. The aggregate can then be graded and put back into production.

There was also a maintenance building designed for the site that will allow for the servicing of the concrete trucks dedicated to this region.

While the construction for the permanent plant was in process, Cemstone provided for the demand for concrete in the area through the use of a temporary plant. Wenzel Engineering provided the foundation design for those structures.